About Me


I grew up drawing, coloring, painting. In addition to art, I took photography, woodworking, plastics, and ceramics. I continued my creative studies into college and ended up in textiles, focusing on weaving, sculpting, and paper-making.

My creative focus shifted in my professional career as a visual merchandiser and interior designer. I still dabbled in photography, but I didn't get inspired again until I learned to screen print.

The printing process got my creative juices flowing again. So much that I was inspired to try my first reverse painting, Elvis.


My husband Jeff is my muse. We'd kept the coolest original windows after we had them replaced. Jeff told me to "do something with these #@%&! windows or I'm throwing them out!"

The rest is now history.

Elvis was so well-received, I got my first commission! Keith Richards.


I've since painted many of my heroes, and a few foes.

Currently, I find the most joy when I painting animals or angels.